Saturday, December 26, 2015

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Here are the states I've been to in the last three months:


Don't get me wrong; this is a brag. I fucking love it. I'm puritanically ashamed of the fun I'm having on this new gig. Call it over-correction of a very old habit.

What I want to report is that, while I still have nothing to report, I'm still working on the book. Progress has been slow and sporadic, but it's there. Turns out I really enjoy writing on planes, particularly when some airline sadist doesn't consign my diminished but still substantial frame to a middle seat. I think hotels will work out okay too, but I'm climbing a bit of a learning curve so I haven't quite had the energy to test them out with any real feeling. Another couple of months and I should know the answer to that one.

On a tangentially related matter: sales of Picks have been trickling in little by little on Kindle. No new reviews but something is happening. So thanks to those of you taking the (very shallow) plunge for the first time. I hope to follow up with more in the not-too-distant future. Maybe get more than an ankle wet.

To those who've been around since I started this: thanks! Also sorry! We're almost through another year. I'll be back with more after the holidays.

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